Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

The best part of these new stages is you can fight in more than one of them during a single bout. How, you ask? By kicking the crap out of your opponent so hard, you knock him out of the ring - and into another one. A cutscene bridges them together, where you can deliver another devastating blow to the person you've just sent airborne. But if they anticipate your move, and copy it, they'll defend themselvesagainst your insult to their injury.

There's a story present in the Mission mode, with all of the on screen text spoken by the voice actors from the show.But, the plot line has been scaled back to reflectwhere American viewers are in the story. Why?So as not to upset any of you fans out there who don't yet know that Sakura joins a nunnery and Naruto gets eaten alive by fire ants (Are we joking? Tune in next week the find out.)Anyway, this iswhere you'll get to perform required tasksand moves, all thewhile learning the finer nuisances of the game's 20 playable characters, six of which are secret unloackablesthat we can't reveal just yet.

We've talked a lot about the motion controls, but some of you may find them intimidating. Well, you didn't hear this from us, but... you will be able to plug in a GameCube controller for a more traditional brawl. But using the Wii Remotesdefinitely makes for a more engrossing experience, plus you'll need them for thethree exclusive minigames.Besides, having four friends duke it out in a single arena is just more fun when you're flailing your arms in time with your favorite character.