Nacon announces a new PS5 controller that's immune to stick drift

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro in white with its Sony packaging behind it on a white background
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Nacon has announced a brand new, officially licensed PS5 pro controller, called the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro. Launching in October for $244 USD and £199, this is the first controller from Nacon for either current-gen console.

This will mark the first PS5 controller to hit the shelves with anti-stick drift features, as it will have Hall Sensor thumbsticks that use small electromagnets to convey your directional inputs, as opposed to the small resistors used in potentiometer sticks that wear down over time.

The Revolution 5 Pro controller will be available in black and white and features four mappable back buttons. While these headline specs already put it in the running for best PS5 controller, it's also compatible with PS4 and PC.

"This new model in the Revolution line is the culmination of years of development and NACON's passion for gaming. We wanted to create the best controller possible, a controller that would give gamers the upper hand. The Revolution 5 Pro combines the best of our expertise, technological innovation, and ergonomics," said Yannick Allaert, Head of Accessories Division at NACON.

Nacon has said that sustainability has clearly been a big part of the thinking with this controller's design, as it'll allow you to repair and replace key components, despite its design not being modular like the Victrix Pro BFG.

The controller is wireless and has a quoted battery life of 10 hours, although will work in wired mode via USB-C. As standard on most of the best PC controllers these days, there's also a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can hook up one of the best gaming headsets. The Revolution 5 Pro will also be able to connect to wireless headsets with Bluetooth.

Nacon Revolution 5 pro in its case, showing all the attachments included in a purchase

(Image credit: Nacon)

Just like the Nacon Revolution Unlimited for PS4, you'll be able to put extra weights in the grips of the Revolution 5 Pro, letting you customize its feel according to your preferences.

Trigger stops also feature, although Nacon calls them "Trigger Blockers". All the same, they allow you to set the actuation point of a full trigger press, just like with the DualSense Edge. It's worth noting that the Hall Effect technology used in the thumbsticks here is also found in the pad's triggers.

Players will no doubt be happy to hear that a controller is coming to market with anti-stick drift technology since it's an issue that's plagued the DualSense. While the Edge model that launched earlier in the year does allow you to replace the entire stick modules for an additional purchase, Sony didn't sway from the use of potentiometer sticks for its first homegrown pro controller.

We'd note that the price of this controller in the US and UK is unconfirmed, as Nacon only lists the European price of €229.90 - for our figures we've just used today's conversion rates. Regardless, this price point makes it more expensive than the DualSense Edge, but cheaper than the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro.

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