Myst IV: Revelation

On: PC - OUT: Autumn

THE PITCH: The seminal series known for its hypnotic puzzles and fantasy settings is up for its fourth incarnation. Apparently, this instalment will answer mysteries left over from earlier games. Typically, it involves an intriguing and complicated tale that you have to unravel by solving puzzles and interacting with NPCs.


  • A quest to save a little girl and uncover the truth.
  • Resolves mysteries left-over from Myst and Myst III: Exile.
  • Decisions dramatically affect the various storyline options along the way, including the ending.
  • Mind-bending puzzles and photo-realistic graphics.
  • High-quality video with real-life actors is integrated directly into the storyline and gameplay.
  • THE BUZZ: Frankly, it's not a genre that's everyone's cup of tea and this latest title is unlikely to draw in those who have tried before and felt unmoved. Definitely a game for the fans.