Moss Book 2 trailer reveals the sequel to a PSVR favorite

Moss Book 2 is officially on its way to PlayStation VR, continuing the fantastical story of a very brave little mouse and her weird giant spirit friend (that's you).

Our first look at Moss Book 2 came during the latest PlayStation State of Play presentation, and its debut trailer offered an early look at some of the new environments we'll explore, tools we'll collect, and abilities we'll use. The core premise of Moss seems to be intact: you use the buttons on the controller to guide Quill (she's the mouse) around the world in classic third-person adventure style, and use motion controls to manipulate the environment around her with strange magic.

The first game took place across a long series of woodsy, diorama-esque scenes, allowing you to control the movement of the camera entirely by moving your actual head around the world. It looks like that will still largely be the case, though a few scenes showed some more close-up perspectives which might give you a new way to explore the world in certain parts of the game.

We also got to see a new snowy region featuring a cameo from an extremely cute - and massive, relative to Quill - bunny. Speaking of things that are massive relative to Quill, it looks like she'll also get a sledgehammer (though we don't get to see her use it). The trailer ends with an unseen creature crashing through a stained glass weapon and taking poor Quill by surprise. Her surprised mouse sounds make this one of the leading "I would die to protect them" moments of 2021, for sure.

While the trailer doesn't include any release date plans, it looks like Moss Book 2 will be a PlayStation VR exclusive just like the original game (though it did eventually come to other platforms). It also doesn't address any potential plans to make use of the PS5 PSVR headset which Sony has teased - but that makes sense, since we know the next generation of PSVR hardware isn't planned for launch this year.

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Connor Sheridan

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