Mortal Kombat movie producer addresses Mileena’s look

Mortal Kombat movie
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The new Mortal Kombat movie trailer has been released, and it features various infamous characters from throughout the franchise's history. Sub Zero, Shang Tsung, and Raiden all make appearances, with fans praising the bloody direction that filmmaker Simon McQuoid has taken the movie down.

However, there has been some controversy over Mileena’s appearance. The fighter, played by Sisi Stringer, does not have quite the same gruesome, toothy look as she has in the vide-games. 

Producer Todd Garner has now spoken out about the character's look, teasing that there's certainly more to come. "That’s not all of her," Garner wrote on Twitter. It's a short, sharp message that has us wondering what will cause Mileena to transform into the terrifying woman that gamers remember.

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Before the trailer was released, GamesRadar+ spoke to Shang Tsung actor Chin Han about bringing the iconic villain to the big screen. "He is this sorcerer, to be faithful to the source material. He consumes souls and is a shape-shifter, but he also has this appetite that makes him a force of nature," he told us. 

"There is a very dark humor to him. But, befitting the times, there is a degree of authenticity to the role. You will find that with all the characters – their motivations are believable. There are real stakes here."

Read the full Mortal Kombat interview with Chin Han. The movie is coming to theaters and HBO Max in the US on April 16. The movie will be available in UK cinemas later in 2021. Check out the best HBO Max prices.

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