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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

You never forget your first: your first kiss, your first car, the first time you ripped out a ninja's spine with your bare hands. Each new Mortal Kombat game dug a little deeper into its own gory mythology, but the next chapter in the famed fighting franchise will be the last. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon will end Kombat as we know it.

Why kill a good thing? To make room for a better one. MK's long and winding plotline will wrap up with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox; as those machines make way for newer, fancier consoles, MK will also get a fresh start. To that end, the creative team at Midway plans to create the ultimate Mortal Kombat showdown and send the franchise off in a blaze of fanboy glory, piling on a heap of customization options, a few refinements to the fighting, and an enormous roster of scary-looking bad-asses.

Remember [insert name of obscure Mortal Kombat character here]? They're back. Close to 60 fighters from the past - pretty much everybody ever in an MK game, promises Midway - return for Armageddon, many appearing in 3D for the first time. That includes updated versions of “the female Goro” Sheeva, demoness Nitara, and even damn-near-useless riot cop Stryker, infamous for bringing a gun to a martial arts tournament. Let there be no more discussions about which Kombatant could kick another Kombatant's ass, or who had the silliest costume: Armageddon will hold the answers.