Mortal Kombat 11 modder takes control of the camera to give you a behind the scenes look at stages

With all of the brutal finishes and slick combos, sometimes you forget to really take in the surroundings of a stage in Mortal Kombat 11. Well, thanks to a rather neat camera mod you can truly appreciate the stage designs like never before. As spotted by Eurogamer, YouTuber DennisNetwork has uploaded a series of videos to show off some of the stages they can freely explore using the mod - which is not yet released to the public.

In the first upload you can take a look at the Tournament stage as the camera gets up close to the audience who appear to be missing their legs. And you can check out what the stage looks like from a birds eye view above the stage. 

Fancy a tour around Shang Tsung's Ruined Island? Here you can get closer to those lifeless figures than you really might want to. 

You can also take a detour around Black Dragon Fight Club and get a peek at all the bottles lining up the bar to get your drinks order in. And, uh, see a guy peeing in a urinal just because you can. 

They also explored the Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly to take a closer look at the creepy arena and the Cyber Lin Kuei being built first-hand. 

Given what's written in DennisNetwork's video descriptions, you may be in a for a bit of wait if you want to try it out for yourself: “The mod is not ready to be released to the public because I still have some kinks to work out. Please be patient and enjoy the video”.

Still, it’s really interesting to eye up some of the details and pieces which you might otherwise miss as you’re throwing your razor sharp hat at someone’s face, or giving them a swift uppercut with a well-performed combo. 

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