More Thor news

As the Thor casting rumours rumble ever onwards - although with Chris Hemsworth playing the titular Norse warrior, at least we're spared all that nonsense now - there's one thing fans of the comic-book hero have been dying to learn: whether his alter-ego, Dr Donald Blake, will be appearing in the movie.

The partially disabled doctor was Thor's Earthly persona after he lost his powers and was stranded here with no memory of who he was.

After a while, he came to realise that he could transform between the doctor and the god whenever he wanted. In the comics, his walking stick became his mighty hammer after he tapped it on the ground.

Thanks to a movie source having a little whisper in the ear of Ain't It Cool News , however, it looks as though there'll be no hammer-tapping for us.

The source has confirmed that most of the film's action will be set on Earth rather than the lofty realms of Asgard, but in this treatment, Thor retains his powers and Blake isn't needed.

Should the writers have gone with the comics, or do you trust their judgement on this big-screen reboot? Share your Thorts below (sorry...).