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More Pie for Biggs and co?

Fact: the American Pie series has degenerated into a slew of grossly unfunny DTV sequels.

But word on the Hollywood street is that a fourth ‘official’ American Pie movie – i.e. one involving all of the original characters like Stifler, Jim, Oz, Nadia and Michelle – is on the cards over at Universal.

The studio is looking to resurrect the cinema end of the franchise while all-but ignoring the turd-like DTV follow-ups that did the series little favours.

Screenscribes Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who penned the Harold And Kumar films, have been approached to write American Pie 4 .

The last big screen outing for the Pie series was American Wedding way back in 2003. Four DTV spin-offs followed, the last of which - The Book Of Love - was released last year. Nobody noticed. Eugene Levy is the only actor who has appeared in all seven. These guys are pretty shocked about that...

So, where would a fourth ‘true’ Pie flick go?

Speculation is rife that it could centre around a 10 year high school reunion ( American Reunion ?), or simply pick up Jim and Michelle’s lives as they hit a bump in their marriage (could kids be on the table? eating pie?)...

No stars are attached just yet, but Biggs hasn't made a decent film since, well, 2003. We expect all of the former leads will gladly come running back for another helping.

What would you like to see from a fourth filthy Pie flick?