More Mario Wii...

Monday 7 August 2006
Interweb speculation is mounting that Nintendo is planning to unveil several new Wii games at this month's Leipzig Games Convention, with a sequel to Mario Smash Football being mentioned as the most likely candidate for a debut Wii appearance.

After the success of the original Mario Smash Football, it would come as no great surprise that Nintendo would want to deliver a follow-up.

Other murmurings suggest that Nintendo's NES platformer, Kid Icarus, is also scheduled for a dusting off. The appearance of the game's hero, Pit, in the E3 Super Smash Bros Brawl trailer has fuelled rumours that a Wii version of Kid Icarus is in the pipeline.

As expected, Nintendo is keeping tight-lipped, with our calls regrettably bearing no fruits of confirmation. Hopefully, all will be revealed when we attend the Nintendo press conference at the show. We'll be in full force at Leipzig, so stay tuned to GamesRadar for all the big news.