Moogles, Mages, and more coming to Mario Sports Mix

If you're still not content with the amount of non-Mario characters making their way into Mario games, you'll be happy about this news: Moogles will appear in the upcoming Wii game Mario Sports Mix.

And that's not all. Black Mages, White Mages, and Cactaur will also become part of the athletic Nintendo brawls. We think it'd be pretty difficult for tiny marshmallow-shaped creatures to make a slam dunk, but hey, anything is possible.

So what sort of events will these magical creatures be able to take part in? A new online video posted at shows clips of basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and hockey.

Of course, given that it's Mario, these are anything but regulation skirmishes. Each character has his own special moves filled with illustrious light effects, camera pans, and words like "SHABLAM!" popping up on the screen.

By the way, eagle-eyed viewers may also be able to see that small text on the game's official Japanese website mentions "Dragon Quest," so we might even see more Square Enix characters get their game faces on.

Mario Sports Mix is due out next year.

To see what a volleyball-playing moogle looks like, check out the gameplay video below:

[Source: The Bit Block]

Nov 12, 2010