Monsters big and small

That’s that, then… Cloverfield is officially titled simply… Cloverfield. It refers to the codename given to the massive beastie that terrorises and tears up chunks of New York in producer JJ Abrams’ monster pic.

The new trailer has more of the shaky-cam video footage that will make up the movie’s you-were-there style and, thanks to the wonders of high definition footage, you can now start going frame by frame to get the best, blurry shot of the main creature yet. It’s still looking pretty good, though can anything really live up to the level of hype? If he’s not careful, Abrams will have to install electric shock pads in chairs to get the appropriate reaction. Yes, we’re saying he’s the new William Castle.

Get the trailer here .

Also appearing is a new, longer look at The Spiderwick Chronicles, one of Paramount’s big hopes to nab some of that sweet Harry Potter cash. A tale of goblins and trolls attacking kids who discover the titular guide to the mystical world, we’ve seen the whole thing and can report it’s a fun, freewheeling ride with some great voice work from the likes of Seth Rogen, Martin Short and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, plus Britain’s thesping titan tyke Freddie Highmore playing not one but two roles as twins.

The movie doesn’t hit until next March, but you can find the trailer here .