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Monster Hunter Rise update 3.0 adds a whole new ending later today

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise update 3.0 launches later today, bringing new story events to Capcom's game.

Just below, you can see the overview trailer for Monster Hunter Rise update 3.0, which debuted earlier today during a special Monster Hunter showcase from Capcom. 

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When Capcom's game launched earlier this year, things were left a little unresolved after the player vanquished Thunder Serpent Narwa, but now Narwa and Wind Serpent Ibushi are joining forces for a new showdown. 

This new ending should resolve whatever's been going on with Minoto and Hinoa, both of whom were somehow connected to the two monsters. The new update launches later today for North America, but won't hit until the early hours of tomorrow on May 27 for Europe and Japan.

Headlining the new update in terms of actual monsters is the Crimson Glow Valstrax. This fearsome Elder Dragon roams the skies and divebombs players at will, switching up directions with strange glowing energy wings. Crimson Glow Valstrax was the flagship beast in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and now it's making its presence felt in Monster Hunter Rise.

Elsewhere, there's the fearsome Apex Zinogre to contend with in Monster Hunter Rise update 3.0. The Zinogre was tough to deal with at the best of times, even with a full squad of hunters working together, so it's going to be one intimidating foe. Guarded with glowing lightning over its body, the Apex Zinogre can be found in either Rampage Quests, or through standard hunting missions.

Additionally, there's some paid DLC launching for Monster Hunter Rise alongside update 3.0 later today. If you're willing to shell out, there's some new stickers, photo poses, and other cosmetic components available for purchase later today alongside update 3.0, which is obviously completely free to download for all players, just as all past updates have been.

At the end of the presentation from Capcom, a further slate of updates was revealed for Monster Hunter Rise. In mid-June, Rise will have a crossover event with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, which is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 9, where new layered armor will launch in the former game. This is just the first planned crossover update with another Capcom game though, with two more mysterious crossovers taking place in July and August.

There's also three sets of new event quests coming to Monster Hunter Rise. At the end of June, July, and August, new event quests will land in Capcom's game, and while we don't know the specifics about each round of updates, it's nice to know that Capcom will be supporting the game until at least the end of August.

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