Monster Hunter Rise is crossing over with Sonic the Hedgehog in November

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom/Sega)

Monster Hunter Rise is teaming up with the Sonic the Hedgehog series for a collaboration launching sometime this November.

Since we have very little precedent here, it's entirely unclear just what a Monster Hunter Rise/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover looks like. Monster Hunter Rise has released a series of collabs with other games recently, but they're all Capcom properties, whereas Sonic is obviously a Sega thing.

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"2021 was a big year for Monster Hunter, but there's another beloved gaming series that also had a massive milestone this year: Sonic The Hedgehog!" says Capcom's Yuri Araujo. "So to celebrate, we've teamed up with SEGA to create an exciting collaboration in Monster Hunter Rise."

Purely judging from Monster Hunter Rise's recent collabs with Okami, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and most recently, Ghosts 'n Goblins, the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog crossover could add a new costume and animations for your hunter. But as it doesn't appear to be a Capcom Collab Event Quest, it could be something entirely different. Now, this might be a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be cool if the Sonic update kicked off a whole new series of crossovers with other third-party series? Imagine taking down monsters as Ichiban Kasuga from Yakuza 7; that'd be even more ridiculous than that fight with the wrecking ball crane.

Monster Hunter Rise is out now on Nintendo Switch and launches on PC in January.

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