Monster Hunter movie shows the Meowscular Chef

Monster Hunter
(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

We finally have our first look at the Meowscular Chef in the Monster Hunter movie.

Just below, you can see the new Chinese trailer for the Monster Hunter movie, with added English subtitles. We knew previously that the chef supreme would be appearing in the Paul W.S. Anderson movie, but know we finally have a look at the heroic creature.

The Meowscular Chef is one of the more beloved characters from the Monster Hunter game franchise. Last month in October, it was revealed that Palicoes would be making the jump from the Monster Hunter games into the movie adaptation, and that the Meowscular Chef would have a pretty "flirtatious" relationship with the movie's hero, played by Milla Jovovich.

For those that don't know, the Meowscular Chef is the former partner of the Admiral in Monster Hunter: World, the man with a plan in charge of the Fifth Fleet. In the movie, the Admiral will be played by Ron Perlman.

Currently, the Monster Hunter movie is slated to release on Christmas Day, and will be a dedicated theatre release. After originally being slated to launch in 2020, then being delayed to 2021, Sony Pictures finally settled on a release date of December 25 last week.

If you're looking forward to the adaptation, then we've got good news, because director Paul W.S. Anderson already has ideas brewing for a potential sequel to the Monster Hunter movie. 

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