Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Charge Blade Guide

The Charge Blade is one of two new weapons in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It has two weapon modes, and combines the speed of a quick weapon with the power of a heavy weapon. You can quickly switch between weapon modes depending on the situation you’re in. In general you will use Sword Mode to charge the weapon meter, then unleash powerful blows in Axe Mode. Both modes deal slashing damage, so they are useful for slicing tails off of monsters. In Axe Mode, the Charge Blade is also capable of delivering a stun to monsters due to its sheer size.

Utility Moves:

R + X = Change weapon mode
R + A = Charge weapon

Sword Mode Moves:

R (hold) = Hold R to block
X = Diagonal quick slash
X + X = Slash and vertical slash
X + X + X = 360 degree slash
X + A = Move forward and slashes
A = Vertical slash
A + A = Vertical slash and 360 degree slash
X + A = Horizontal and diagonal upwards Slash

Axe Mode Moves:

X = Vertical slash
X + X = Upwards slash, downwards slam
A = Side swipe
X + A = Upwards slash, 360 degree slash
X + A + R (during charge animation) = Charge shield and axe
A + A = Side swipe, 360 degree slash
A + A + A = Side swipe, 360 degree slash, charged slash

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