Monaghan talks The Hobbit

We’re still waiting for a definite announcement regarding the future of The Hobbit , but Dominic Monaghan has chucked his two-penneth in by claiming Peter Jackson is the only man for the job.

"I can't really imagine anyone other than Pete directing The Hobbit ,” Monaghan told MTV. “You have to understand, the world of Middle Earth has already been created by Peter Jackson, by his special effects company, both physical and digital.”

"It would almost be impossible for a director to come in and bring his own thing because how would he colour Middle Earth and how would he create Gollum (without WETA’s input)? It's almost like asking someone to paint a picture but giving them no paint.”

The star continued to predict a bleak future for the project if Jackson weren’t to be involved, claiming fans would stay away if he weren’t behind the camera.

“Unless he's either producing or directing,” Monaghan continued, “not only will the film not correlate with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I think the vast majority of the Lord of the Rings fans will boycott the film because Pete had so much to do with that franchise."

So if Jacko were on board, would Monaghan have any interest in showing his face on screen? Understandably, he’s not over-keen.

“I wouldn't want to cheapen the strength of The Hobbit , which is really the story of Bilbo and Gandalf and various other characters,” he said. “To kind of cookie-cutter in the characters that people grew to love in Lord of the Rings , I think might not be incredibly fair to an audience who really loved that book.”

No Monaghan then, but still every chance that Jackson will be involved. With the director recently promising an announcement on the project “sometime soon”, let’s just hope there’s good news on the way.

George Wales

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