MoH: Airborne parachutes in

Wednesday 1 November 2006
If you're tired of spilling blood, bile and bullets over the same patch of Normandy terrain, then Medal of Honor: Airborne has returned from its long silence with new screens to remind us all that after CoD and BiA there were days after D.

Because, instead of being set on 6 June 1944, this shooter pushes you out of five separate planes and into five operations: Husky, Avalanche, Neptune, Market Garden and Varsity. That means while playing as Private Boyd Travers and Pathfinder Eddie La Pointe, you'll land feet first in the 1943 invasions of Sicily and Italy, leading the landings in France, dropping into Holland and eventually pushing into the Fatherland.

But what you can't tell from these shots, unless you have knowledge of military weaponry that borders on the scary, is that the guns in the game are now customisable. So instead of merely pilfering pistols from corpses, you can now trick out your Thompson or mod your Mauser by adding larger magazines, reducing the recoil or even bolting on a grenade launcher.

If it sounds pretty outlandish that might be because, with the game delayed well into next year and other WWII shooters stealing a march, Medal of Honor: Airborne needs to catch up on its rivals.