Modern Warfare’s Soap looks set to arrive in Warzone as an Operator

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
(Image credit: Activision)

It looks as though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Soap will be joining Warzone as an Operator.

Over on the ever-reliable COD Tracker, the Soap Operator Bundle for Call of Duty: Warzone has been datamined, revealing that the former series protagonist will be coming to the battle royale game at some point in the near future. The bundle retails for 2,400 COD Points, and includes one base skin for Soap, as well as an Operator Mission to acquire two additional character skins.

Elsewhere in the Soap Operator Bundle, there's a Legendary Blueprint for the CX-9, a second Legendary for the 1911 pistol, and finally a Legendary Pickaxe melee weapon called the Alpenstock. All these designs appear to be reminiscent of one of the early missions in Modern Warfare 2's single-player campaign called Cliffhanger, in which Soap and Captain Price assault a Russian base high up in a mountain.

Rounding out the contents of the new bundle is a weapon charm, a finishing move, a calling card, an emblem, and a spray, all of which resemble Soap in one form or another. If you, like many others, were a fan of Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 back in the day, this is certainly a welcome addition to Warzone. Soap joins an extensive Warzone roster filled with fellow Modern Warfare characters like Captain Price and Ghost.

It's not just the Soap Operator Bundle that's been datamined recently from Call of Duty: Warzone. Earlier today, three Mastercraft weapon skins for the AK-47, AK47u, and the KSP 45 were uncovered for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War through a datamine. These three fancy weapon skins will be available in individual bundles, retailing for 2,400 COD Points just like the Soap bundle.

For our pick of the best weapons available in Infinity Ward's battle royale game right now, you can head over to our Warzone best guns guide for more.

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