Mitchell leaves Bond 22

What a shame! The news on Bond 22, currently under the working title of Risico, was that everything was progressing at pace for the 2 May 2008 release date.

Notting Hill director Roger Mitchell was named as the man to bring the Casino Royale follow-up to the screen but after lengthy negotiations, Mitchell has decided to jump ship.

The helmer’s reason for departing the fledgling production of Daniel Craig’s second outing in the tux is the old chestnut, ‘creative differences,’ so producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are back on the hunt for the right lenser to continue Bond’s ascension into a new era.

On the Casino Royale front, Bond girl Caterina Murino has been talking to Entertainment Weekly about the role her character plays in the movie.

“Solange is not a typical Bond girl because she doesn't have an action scene. I have only the scene with the horse and the bikini on the beach. My character has been hit by her husband and I take revenge by sleeping with James Bond. Nice revenge! If all women who've been hit by their husbands can resolve in that way, it would be very nice.”

Murino goes on to say how the Craig-bashers will be red faced when Casino Royale hits theatres on 17 November.

“I am happy that people speak bad about Daniel because they are going to be so surprised, he was the right choice. There's less special effects, more stunt scenes, to make the movie more real. Daniel is playing James Bond like a real actor, not just playful, like always. When Daniel kills somebody, he's a real killer. For the first time, you will see James Bond with blood in his face, he's so violent, so modern. It's completely different from the 20 movies before.”