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SERIES 2, EPISODE 1 SPOILER FREE PREVIEW 10 vague things to get you excited

Last year, Misfits came from nowhere and instantly became everybody’s best new show. It didn’t sound like a contender. The “super-powered ASBO kids” concept sounded like an unholy alliance between Skins and Smallville . But its combination of sex, ingenious plotting, sex, great characters, sex, edgy direction, sex, sci-fi, sex, black humour, sex, comic strip action, sex, outrageous twists, sex and more sex actually made it more like the UK’s answer to True Blood . And that’s NO BAD THING.

Problem is, when a show comes from nowhere with zero expectations for it, it’s easy to become a instant phenomenon. But in the year since series one first aired, the show’s reputation has grown exponentially, so that series two, which starts next Thursday (11 November) on E4, is awaited with a hell of a lot of breathless anticipation. Can it deliver? Will it be as good? Will it suffer from “difficult second album” syndrome?

Well, you don’t have to take our word for it, but we reckon there’s no reason to worry. SFX has seen the first two episodes, and the series opener is great, and the second episode is even better, certainly well up there with the best of series one, with some very intriguing and surprising foreshadowing, making sure you’re going to want to stick around for the rest of the series…

But we’re not going to ruin your fun by giving away spoilers. Instead, in the great tradition of this site’s legendary Doctor Who previews, here are 10 tantalisingly vague snippets about episode one to whet your appetite. Come back here after the first episode has aired to get a similar bunch of mysterious previewettes about episode two…

  1. Somebody shits themselves. Literally
  2. There’s a magnificent morphing effect, one of the best we’ve ever seen. It’s not just the effects, but the visceral way it's been shot that makes it so effective
  3. We reckon it won’t be long before you’ll be able to buy “Monkey Slut” T-shirts
  4. Somebody’s solution to a problem is, “Get some cheese.”
  5. A message is a real poke in the eye for Kelly
  6. An old problem becomes a shared problem
  7. A new character suffers an old fate
  8. A returning character proves an expert at parkour
  9. All the main cast get to use their powers
  10. There’s a woman inside a man at one point, but (gasp!) there’s nothing sexual about it (although she’d like it to be)
Dave Golder
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