Minecraft doesn't have a native PS5 version because Sony was "reluctant" to send Microsoft a dev kit

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Ever wondered why there's no native PS5 version of Minecraft? Well, wonder no more. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, it's because Sony didn't want Microsoft to have a PS5 dev kit.

Dev kits enable developers to create games for new or burgeoning hardware ahead of its release and are particularly important when testing early and/or unstable games in development. 

But whilst Sony was seemingly "sending [PS5 dev kits] to other developers", Spencer revealed that Sony was "reluctant" to share the tech with its competitor, even though Minecraft has long been available on Sony systems.

"Sony was reluctant to send us development kits for the PlayStation 5 at the same time they were sending them to other developers, which put us at a disadvantage relative to other developers," Spencer said (thanks, IGN). 

"I think Sony could have sent the development kits to Microsoft just as easy as they sent them to any other publisher."

ICYMI, Microsoft says that if the US Federal Trade Commission gets its way and delays its Activision Blizzard purchase, it may just abandon the deal altogether.

As concisely summarized by Jordan, Microsoft began defending its Activision deal against the FTC in court earlier this week with the goal of convincing a federal judge not to grant the FTC a preliminary injunction that would delay the buyout's closing.

Like the UK's own antitrust authority – which shock-blocked the deal in April – the FTC is concerned that Microsoft's $70b purchase of Activision Blizzard would harm competition if it were to proceed. If the judge decides to agree with the FTC and Microsoft's Activision purchase is slapped with an injunction and unable to proceed, however, it wouldn't necessarily mean the deal's over - it would just mean it can't go through until the FTC has a chance to fully review the details against US antitrust law. 

However, Microsoft's lawyer Beth Wilkinson argued in court that a loss for Microsoft after this week-long hearing could result in a "three-year administrative nightmare", and that could cause Microsoft to abandon the deal.

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