Mike Newell to direct The Day Of The Triffids

It’s a film that has been stuck at the development stage for many years, but it seems that The Day Of The Triffids is now moving ahead, with director Mike Newell at the helm.

Deadline reports that Newell is set to helm the adaptation of the classic John Wyndham novel for Ghost House Pictures, working from a script written by Luther creator and Mama scribe Neil Cross.

The Day Of The Triffids is a post-apocalyptic tale where a comet shower has render much of the Earth’s population blind. However, those that still see are forced to defend against an invasion of alien plants who are trying to destroy the human race.

The book was adapted as a TV miniseries in 2009 starring Dougray Scott and Joely Richardson, but this is the first time it will be turned into a feature film since 1962.

Mike Newell, of course, has plenty of experience with directing fantasy films, having helmed Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and Prince Of Persia in recent years. Killer alien foliage should be no sweat.