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Mike Myers finishes first draft of Wayne's World 3 script

Do you fancy some more brown M & M's? Well, you're in luck as Wayne's World 3 could be a go.

JoBlo (opens in new tab) reports that Myers has finished a first draft of the script for the potential threequel, with our beloved duo of Wayne and Garth back to star again. It's rumoured that the new story will focus on the pair coping with the new era of music, their transition from cable to the internet, and Wayne working on his marriage to Cassandra.

As of yet, there is no official confirmation on a potential production schedule/greenlight Wayne's World 3 . According to IMDb, Myers' next project is the previously announced Austin Powers 4 but alas, little has been heard about developments on this project either.

However, the possible return of Wayne's World almost 20 years since the last one is an exciting prospect for sure, if only to rescue Myers's fledgling career.

To say the least, Mike Myers track record over the last decade has been patchy. Mainly starring as the hugely bankable big green ogre of Shrek , with a small cameo in Inglourious Basterds to his name, notable films have been few and far between. The Razzie-award winning The Love Guru being the clearest example of this...

In January, Dana Carvey confessed that he would be interested in reprising his role as Garth if the opportunity arose. Considering Carvey's last film role was Jack And Jill , it could act as a much needed career boost for him too.

UPDATE: is calling JoBlo 's story a hoax. (opens in new tab) Shame.