Microsoft tests the waters on an Xbox Series X mini-fridge

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Just one day after announcing a fridge modeled after the Xbox Series X, the Xbox team is looking to see how fans would respond to a mini fridge edition.

Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of Xbox games marketing, took to Twitter to release a poll asking fans if they would be interested in a special Xbox mini-fridge going up for sale. The poll had three options, indicating a yes, no, or a maybe depending on the price. As of this writing, well over half of those polled have voted that they would indeed be interested. 

This comes just one day after the announcement of a sweepstakes where loyal fans could win a full-size refrigerator modeled after the Series X, complete with light-up logo and boot sound effects. 

This is all of course in reference to the console reaching meme status upon its initial announcement for its resemblance to a fridge. The sweepstakes was evidently a smart idea on the part of Microsoft, as the hashtag associated with the contest quickly rocketed to the number one Twitter trend in the United States. 

Unlike the fridge in the contest, however, Greenberg's tweet seems to imply that this mini-fridge would be part of a line of products that customers could buy, while the full-size fridge is a one-of-a-kind only available for the contest. 

This is just the latest promotion for the Series X ahead of its November 10 release date. Fans can look forward to the possibility of having a matching appliance of their own to go along with their shiny new console.

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