Microsoft pre-E3 press conference report

What Live Anywhere will do is allow the user to take their Friends List, Xbox Live achievements and content then carry it across to other platforms such as Windows Vista and Windows Mobile. This means users will be able to contact Live Anywhere users no matter what platform they're using, and even invite them for a game.

In order for this to happen there must be a game release for each platform used, for example 360 and PC, (much like Elders Scrolls was) and this is something Microsoft will be focusing on when Windows Vista, Microsoft's new operating system is launched in January.

Microsoft will be attempting to make Vista a gamer friendly operating system to make it a viable gaming option for more people. It will also make use of the DirectX10 technology to keep it at the cutting edge, and have Live Anywhere in-built.

Above: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is among the games coming to 360 in the near future

As for the 'second generation of next generation games', Moore introduced a video of all the 360 games currently in development, stating that there will be over 180 titles to choose from this Christmas. The video included footage from such games as Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Mass Effect, FEAR, Too Human, Sonic the Hedgehog, Stranglehold, Enchanted Arms, Dead Rising, Prey, Crackdown and Ninety Nine Nights.

It is this strong line-up that Moore feels will enable Microsoft to shif 10 million units worldwide before either PS3 or Wii are released, giving the computing giant a huge head start over the competition. Currently Microsoft has sold around 5 million 360s.