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Microsoft: Kinect will get PC support 'in a formal way,' no announcement yet

Microsoft's leading man, Steve Ballmer, recently dropped a strong hint behind the scenes at CES that the Kinect will soon officially (sans-hacking) support PC integration.

During an off-stage interview with BBC News, Ballmer responded to an inquiry about applying the Kinect's motion sensing technology to home computers by saying, “We'll support that in a formal way, in the right time. And when we get an announcement to make, we'll make it.”

It's not a full-out promise as the YouTube title would suggest, but judging by Ballmer's wild eyes and toothy smile, it might as well be. You too can play internet profiler with the interview below:

The Kinect has already been repurposed to do everything from play PC-based MMOs, increase one's bust size or develop a cybernetic army, so it's not surprising that the parent company responsible for its creation would be eyeing its official integration into future PC products. The real question is whether or not a PC-based Kinect can be pared down for smaller spaces, or if we'll have to start knocking out walls in our home offices just to send an email.

Jan 10, 2011


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