Michael Hoffman to direct Gambit remake

Director Michael Hoffman has been chosen to direct Gambit , based on a script by the Coen brothers'.

First things first; this isn’t a film based on Marvel’s Gambit, but a remake of the 1966 movie Gambit , that starred Michael Cain and Shirley MacLaine.

The original Gambit follows cat burglar Harry Dean (Cain) as he plans to steal a priceless statue, with the help of Suzy Chang (MacLaine). His plan continually falls through and needs constant rehashing.

This remake will be one of the rare instances where the Coen brothers aren’t directing a film they’ve written, but after Doug Liman ( Fair Game) backed out, the position of helmsman has fallen to Michael Hoffman ( The Last Station ).

With Crime Scene Pictures signed on to finance, things will start to move on the project, which we first reported on earlier this year.

Due to start filming in London in May, the new Gambit is not yet cast, but hands up for Tom Hardy, anyone?

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