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MGS 5 is the bestselling in the series and BOY do people like it on PS4

The charts are in, the sales have been counted and a good few of you didn't get any sleep over the weekend and have a respectable 40 hours on your Metal Gear Solid 5 clock. MGS 5 of course hit the top spot in the UK sales charts. As reported by GfK Chart-Track, the Phantom Pain is the most successful of the series to date, beating the opening week of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty by just under 37%.

But that's not the only interesting figures to come out of the charts. A whopping 72% of MGS 5 sales were on PS4, while Xbox One was at 22%. That's a serious divide when it comes to the console of choice. 3% of sales were on PS3, while 2% were on Xbox 360. We don't have the digital sales for the release on PC as yet.

It's also worth noting that despite all the hype that this still isn't the biggest selling game of the year. Both The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight sold more in their opening weeks. We'll have to see how these figures change as time goes on.

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