MGS4 to sell more PS3s than GTA IV, says analyst

Metal Gear Solid 4 will drive morePS3hardware sales than the mightyGTA IVdid, say industry analysts, despite GTA IV having beenthe biggest-selling entertainment launchin the history of the universe.

Sales ofPS3are up 150 percent over last year and, according to Eedar's Jesse Divnich, this storming success will continue, and even accelerate, with the release of Konami's blockbuster.

"Sony's PlayStation 3 can claim a relative small victory as its hardware unit sales were up 150% over last year; additionally, they managed to outpace their closest rival, Microsoft's Xbox 360," said Divnich.

"This will likely continue in June as we expect Metal Gear Solid 4 [to] act as a bigger catalyst in terms of driving PS3 hardware sales than didGrand Theft Auto IV," he added.

This, he toldGameDaily, is down to it being exclusive to the platform, exclusives having always historically done best for Sony's consoles.

Interestingly, Divnich also points out that PS3 exclusive games sell 45% more, throughout their lifetime, than multi-platform titles available on the PS3," while "exclusive titles for the other two systems, theWiiand Xbox 360, only boast a small increase in lifetime sales over multi-platform titles."

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 13, 2008