MGS rumour chaos

MGS 4 is finally out this week, and so the rumour mongers are out in force with some willy-teasing info for us to ponder.

The most interesting is word of a new MGS game for PSP: Metal Gear 3: Revolver Ocelot. It's said to be set between Metal Gear Portable Ops and MGS2, giving you control of Ocelot. It's tipped to be unveiled at E3 next month.

A grainy off-screen pic of what looks like the title screen was posted on the officialPlayStation Blog (opens in new tab), although we'd say for a PSP game the screen ratios are all wrong - so it could be a presentation screen. Or just a dirty fake.

Elsewhere, the PSone classic MGS is said to be headed for XBLA - itsupposedly (opens in new tab)turned up on Microsoft's strictly underground Partnernet service (Xbox Live for debug consoles), where games occasionally appear months ahead of the commercial release.

We know someone who's had a look, but it's not there. So that blows that one out of the water too. Konami wouldn't talk about either of rumours either.

It's no consolation for Xbox-owners, but it waspreviously revealed, (opens in new tab)however, that the same PS1 classic would be making its way to the PSN Store for play on PS3 and PSP, although that was only billed for Japan, and Konami is yet to confirm a UK release.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 10, 2008