Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes XOF Patch locations guide

Serving as one of the main collectibles in Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (opens in new tab), finding every XOF patch hidden throughout Camp Omega will net you the Insignia Trophy/ Achievement. More importantly though, tracking them all down will also unlock a bonus format-specific Extra Ops mission--Déjà-Vu on PS3 & PS4, Jamais Vu on Xbox 360 & Xbox One--which should make this task appeal to more than just the completionists.

The XOF patches are pretty well hidden, so head to page 2 where we'll show you exactly how to find them all and gain access to that exclusive mission.

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Here's where to find all nine XOF Patches in Camp Omega.
NOTE: The XOF Patches can only be collected during the main Ground Zeroes mission, and after finding them all you must complete the operation in order to unlock the exclusive Extra Ops mission.

Patch #1

Stop, drop and roll. No, seriously--a patch got caught in your pants and the only way to dislodge it is to lie down and roll sideways several times. Keep going until a cutscene plays, the pick up the patch from the ground.

Patch #2

Right at the start of the mission, turn around and look for the patch along the edge of the cliff.

Patch #3

Now is the part where you actually infiltrate the base. Note the guard at the nearest watchtower and the patrols near the gate. The troops on the ground will leave eventually, though you will have to dispose of the guard in the watchtower somehow.

Pick the lock at the gate and make your way to the depressed area slightly west of where you entered. You’ll find the patch near the neatly organized planks of wood and the red and white barrel.

Patch #4

The path between you and the next patch is moderately guarded with at least three soldiers, so be on your guard. Look for a trio of small generators within a chain link fence, which you pass by lockpicking. The patch is on the leftmost generator.

Patch #5

These next three patches are at the heart of the base and, as such, is the most challenging section. You have to be mindful of the watchtowers, the foot patrols, and the limited points of cover. Careful timing is especially needed for this fifth patch since it’s near the watchtower’s spotlight. Be sure to look for a puddle, which is where you’ll find the patch.

Patch #6

Keep advancing forward and veer slightly to the right to reach the next patch. Look for a moveable industrial elevator and a drainage crawl space--the patch is next to the drainage grate. Refer to the above image and Big Boss’ position in relation to the APC in the background.

Patch #7

Getting this patch requires passing through the nearby door into the base interior. You shouldn't have to deal with more than one guard, but if you do find him be sure to take him out. You’ll have to climb up one level, opposite the walkway on the right upon entering the base interior. The patch can be found on top of one of the mini generators.

Patch #8

Head towards the prison in the southeast part of the map. This patch is on top of a guard post overlooking the prison. While it is a “guard” post, you shouldn’t find much resistance here.

Patch #9

This collection quest started easily and it ends that way too. Go to the prison, do away with any patrols and lockpick the entrance. The patch is practically greeting you at the gateway--just look down.