Metal Gear Solid 4 - in-depth details

Dec 20, 2007

While going through our latestultra-thorough hands-onwith MGS4, we took some meticulous notes to satisfy your cravings for anything and everything that makes Hideo Kojima’s labor of love an all-new, polished experience.

First off, there’s MGS4’s opening movie, which will be produced by US design house LOGAN - the agency responsible for the iconic iPod silhouette ads. “Preparation took one-and-a-half years,” reveals Kojima. “We spent a week in Hollywood working on it with a staff of 30 people.” The movie’s content and direction is top-secret, but if it tops the production values of the Bond-aping Snake Eater intro, it’ll be sensational.

The MGS4 HUD in depth

Above: From left to right - Stress meter, Radar, Solid Eye/Item select, Weapon select

Stress meter
Stress builds as Snake engages in combat, or is faced by extreme conditions (e.g. heavy shelling, weather, etc). High stress leads to fatigue and lower accuracy. Stress can be relieved by ‘reading’ saucy magazines, and using other secret techniques. Our guess? Expect ‘comic’ body functions.

The Baseline Map visually displays the ‘feel’ given off by enemies and moving objects - the stronger the ‘feel’, the more vivid the flash (bosses will appear as big dots). When Snake is stressed, he won’t ‘feel’ threats as vividly, leaving you likely to blunder into trouble.

Solid Eye/Item select
The Item menu is unchanged (tap L2 and scroll mid-game), including objects like Rations, Cardboard Box, Barrel and Cigarettes. The Solid Eye system’s vision modes - Normal, ENVG (thermal) and Scope (binoculars) - are toggled from the item menu. Double-tap L2 to equip the last used object, as ever.

Weapon select
Similar to the Item select menu - double-tap to quick-select weapons on-the-fly, or dip into the menu to change weapons and ammo types. Most weapons have a secondary fire option (R2), such as the knife’s charged stun attack. You can modify rifles with shotgun attachments, too.