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Metal Gear Online looks tense (and bizarre) in this extended gameplay video

The tense stealth action and bizarre quirks of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (opens in new tab) are coming to a full multiplayer mode with Metal Gear Online on October 6 (opens in new tab) (except for PC, which is getting it next year). Konami has finally pulled back the camouflage netting to reveal a full gameplay session for MGO, showing off a match of the Team Deathmatch-styled Bounty Hunter mode.

Two teams compete to wear down the other side's respawn tickets, but Bounty Points add a big wrinkle to the formula: the more kills a soldier gets, the more Bounty Points they're worth. If you can Fulton extract that enemy, all of their Bounty Points are converted to extra Respawn tickets for your side. That adds both an instant comeback mechanic and a reason to hunt ace players who you might otherwise just avoid.

The video also introduces Metal Gear Online's three classes: Infiltrator, Scout, and Enforcer. Infiltrators are the ones you ought to worry about sneaking up behind you and Fultoning you, while Scouts are the ones who will mark you across the map and headshot all your buddies. The role of the machine gun toting, Army of Two-armor-wearing Enforcers is pretty self evident. Have a look in the full gameplay video above.

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