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Metal Gear Solid 5's online multiplayer delayed by a month

The multiplayer shenanigans of Metal Gear Online won't be available when Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain releases on September 1. Konami announced that MGS 5's squad-based competitive shooter component will go live on consoles on October 6 and in early January 2016 on PC.

Hopefully Metal Gear Online has a better launch than that other hotly anticipated open-world action game with a delayed multiplayer component: GTA Online was anything but online for a few weeks after it launched in October 2013. Granted, Metal Gear Online should be a bit more manageable, since it doesn't have an open world of its own; what it does have are character classes, gear, squads, and weaponized Fulton surface-to-air recovery devices.

On the bright side, freeing up those developer resources means The Phantom Pain's PC version is now on track to release the same day as its console counterparts - it was previously scheduled to launch on September 15.

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