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Mercury Meltdown Revolution review

The mercury rising in the thermometer of rage approaches terrifying proportions


  • Using remote connects you to board
  • Plenty of levels/replay
  • So much variety


  • Evil and punishing gameplay
  • Using Classic Controller helps
  • Overcompensating the blobs

Spiritualists and healers in the Far East who used to attribute mercury with healing properties would have been run out of town if they’d cited this game as evidence. After a few levels on Mercury Meltdown Revolution, they’d have been ready to club each other to painful death with a ritualistic bell, only realizing too late how damaging and toxic this slippery little element can be. Specifically, this is the first game to make us actually throw the Wii remote hard at the wall in real anger.

Primarily, what makes this puzzler unique is the mercury ball itself. Imagine playing Marble Madness with The Blob. You use the remote to tilt the board under the loosely-held-together gloop of liquid, waiting for it to inevitably split apart at the first available opportunity: on a corner, off an edge, under a large pointy hammer.

More Info

DescriptionArcher Maclean's inventive puzzler blib-blobs onto Wii, complete with tilt-sensitive controls.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date(US), 25 May 2007 (UK)