Mega Man 9 - complete video guide

Oh, block puzzles. None of them are too bad, save the long trek to snag a 1up about halfway through. If you’re stuck, follow the video. Other than those brief sections, Plug doesn’t offer much. The black Mega Men are best dealt with by inching near, jumping over and firing.

Jewel Satellite protects you from Plug’s blasts, so keep it activated at all times. You still have to get in close to deal damage.

This one’s a doozy. Come prepared with a Beat Call for sure, maybe more than one, for it’ll pick you up out of any pits you may (and likely will) fall into. Only jump off the rotating platforms with Mega Man point up, otherwise you’ll plummet straight down. Once the wind and rain come, notice that they only affect you while you’re jumping; that is, they won’t push you off if you’re standing still. Just pace yourself, don’t rush it and pray you have a spare Beat adaptor.

Tornado Man is a bit rough, there’s not much room to play with and his gusts are hard to avoid. Simply fire away with the Plug Ball, especially if T-Man’s resting near a wall or the ceiling.

Other than a couple of unforgiving leaps, Magma’s level isn’t anything special. Good tunes, a few one-hit-kill beams, nothing much else. Even the miniboss is a straightforward “blast ‘em!” affair.

With the Tornado Blow equipped, you can literally blow away Magma Man’s fire attack. He’ll survive the entire stock of T-Blow though, so you’ll have to finish him off with the Buster.

This stage is all about pacing. Areas with the homing flower missiles should be taken slow, while the unraveling platform area demands fast responses and quick jumping. The miniboss, a clockwork flower thingy, has you running in a circle, firing any time it pops up.

Hornet Man falls easily to a charged-up Magma attack (just hold the button down for a stronger blast). It also fires three shots, and there just so happen to be three hornets fired at a time. Easy stuff!