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Mega Man 9 - complete video guide

If you’re here, odds are you’ve had your ass handed to you a dozen or so times by one of the toughest games 2008 has to offer. Make no mistake, Mega Man 9 is one hell of a challenge, but with our handy guide there’s no way Tornado’s Man stage will give you any more guff. Unless you just plain suck, that is.

Here’s our suggested path for the bosses:

And now on to the actual guide, with video clips of every possible tricky spot and boss battle. We won’t give away any plot points or reveal the ending, but we will be showing every single boss, including the final confrontation.

No turbo controllers were used in the recording of this guide.

The series’ first lady-bot is also your first stop in Mega Man 9. Her level is straightforward and easy, save for a set of complicated platform jumps near the end. The video shows you what to do, plus the bubble section that gave us some grief the first time we played.

Splash herself is way simple – just shoot down her fish friends as they spawn and let her have it as she ascends to the top of the screen. Hornet Man deals more damage, but the Buster will do just fine.

Concrete’s another pushover, provided you can get past the super-obnoxious elephants near the beginning. Our video reveals the tricky jump pattern you’ll have to use. Beyond that, this one’s cake.

Mr. Man fires sticky slabs of concrete that’ll immobilize Mega Man, leaving you open for smash attacks from the surprisingly speedy robot master. Just avoid his charges as the video shows, fire with the Splash Trident and you’ll do fine.

Another fairly easy level. The only hang-ups you might see are the teleporters scattered throughout, but we’re betting by now you’re good enough with jumping to breeze on by. Also look out for those grabby heli-bots halfway through; they’ll snatch Mega Man and drag him into nearby pits or spikes. Use the Rush Coil to nab a 1up early in the level.

Galaxy Man’s pattern leaves him open for plenty of Concrete blasts. Even while he has a Gravity Bomb going off you can turn around, shoot one block at him and turn back the other way, resisting the pull. A few shots later and you’re off to the next stage. By now you should have enough bolts to purchase Energy Tanks, and we’d recommend doing so, but leave enough for a pair of Spike Boots.

We just mentioned a pair of Spike Boots – be sure to enter Jewel’s level with ‘em, cause there’s one extremely nasty jump near the end. To beat the rock miniboss, always run to the far right of the screen and run left as the ceiling collapses. That way, when he falls down, he’ll be all the way to the right and you’ll be on the left with plenty of space to fire. Don’t forget to jump just before he hits the ground.

Jewel Man jumps in unison with Mega Man. Tap the jump button so you barely rise, yet he’ll pass right over. Fire the Black Hole Bomb to suck away his shield and deal lots of hurt. Soon enough he’ll be gone.

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