Meet Hexfinder, Wanda Maximoff's new archenemy, in Scarlet Witch #7

Scarlet Witch #7 cover art excerpt
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Wanda Maximoff's corner of the Marvel Universe has been expanding steadily in writer Steve Orlando and artist Sara Pichelli's ongoing Scarlet Witch title, and in August's Scarlet Witch #7, artist Lorenzo Tammetta joins the creative team to help introduce a brand new villain known as Hexfinder.

Described as "a powerful alchemist from a long line of witch hunters," Hexfinder is on a mission to destroy witchcraft in the Marvel Universe - putting Wanda Maximoff directly in her sights. 

(Wanda's powers are a bit more complicated than just 'witchcraft' - they're tied to the fabric of the Marvel Universe.)

But the story doesn't stop there, as things will get seriously weird when Wanda encounters a Marvel version of the magical land of Oz - as in the colorful country that forms the setting of the book and movie The Wizard of Oz.

Here's a gallery of covers for Scarlet Witch #2 by Russell Dauterman and Megan Hetrick, along with Sara Pichelli's design for Hexfinder:

"When Nelson Gruber, A.K.A. Bookworm, comes through the Last Door seeking aid to kill wicked witches in a corner of Oklahoma that’s been transformed into the Emerald City, Wanda must choose between honoring her covenant and going against her own principles," reads Marvel's official description of Scarlet Witch #7. "Her daring actions in 'Oz' will cause Hexfinder to finally make her presence known and put her deadly plan for Wanda into motion."

In fact, Hexfinder is so dedicated to her anti-witchcraft cause that Orland compares her to the fanatical Thor villain Gor the God-Butcher.

"HEXFINDER is about to hit Wanda Maximoff's life hard - and from every angle. Nicola Zosimos has a vendetta against witches and witchcraft that rivals Gorr the Godbutcher's hatred for gods," states Orlando in Marvel's announcement. 

"Now that Wanda's the most powerful and prominent she's been in years, Hexfinder's no longer content to let her destroy herself," he continues. "She's taking the initiative to strike - and thanks to her alchemical Philosopher's Staff, no witch is safe. Not even the Scarlet Witch!"

So far, Orlando and Pichelli's Scarlet Witch title has put a lot of focus on making Wanda Maximoff into the hero of her own story - something she's desperately needed for some time - so adding some new villains to the mizx makes perfect sense.

Scarlet Witch #7 goes on sale August 2.

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