Medal of Honor gameplay impressions

Anyways, what we see in front of us is the intro mission to the US Army Rangers - you'll also play as tier 1 operatives. Here you play as Dante Adams who's part of a six-strong team to help take-out a gun emplacement that's pinning down your men in an Afghanistan wadi (read: valley).

As the team make their way up a winding mountain path they're confronted by Taliban forces firing from the windows of huts. It's here you get a sense of the intensity that Medal of Honor is capable of. You never know where the next shot is ringing from and as the team breach and clear other homes you wonder how many more they'll do before they stumble upon something awful.

Above: The Rangers make their way through the treacherous wadi

Said gun emplacement is at the top of a hill, raining hot lead down on your team. There's a gunfight with some grunts and then a surgical strike is called in to dispose of the machinegun next. It's all pretty dramatic as the rubble from the explosion comes crashing down around them.

When the dust settles, Dante moves forward with his squad to an abandon hut at the bottom of a valley. As they step closer to the door, preparing to breach, the hear a mobile phone ring and then... BOOM! the screen goes black and the demo ends. So nasty IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) are in then.

Above: We're expecting some corpses to be lined with IEDs too

We're unsure of just how good Medal of Honor will be based off this controlled demo. It didn't really do anything new and the early enemy AI showed the Taliban standing around waiting to be shot. It sure looks pretty, almost photo-realistic in some mountainous backdrops but we're holding out hope that EA can deliver more punch to a series that truly deserves it.

14th May 2010

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