MAX Media Dock for PSP/DS

Tuesday 13 June 2006
Datel has released the MAX Media Dock for PSP and DS, a tool that allows for Compact Flash and microdrive cards to be used to expand the storage capacities of both handhelds.

MAX allows for Compact Flash cards of up to 4GB to be used for PSP, and up to 8GB for DS. Your PSP will recognise the Media Dock as a standard Memory Stick, and you'll be able to store, transfer and access your MP3 collection and downloaded game saves with it.

Hardly innovative, sure, since it's possible to do both via the USB connection on your computer, but MAX includes software to let you manage everything easily, as well as convert video files to a suitable format for PSP. The bare bones edition of the MAX Media Dock is available for £30, while two further packs come with 1GB and 2GB Compact Flash cards for £55 and £85 respectively.