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Mass Effect Legendary Edition gave Pluto a makeover

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
(Image credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition updated Pluto in Mass Effect 2 to match the most recent picture taken by NASA, as pointed out in a Reddit post.

Redditor u/Kunven (opens in new tab) posted the picture of Pluto in Mass Effect 2 in the game's scanner mode, which allows you to move a scanner over a planet's surface in search of minerals. Back in 2010, when Mass Effect 2 was released, BioWare had no quality reference photos for the illusive planet, which wasn't even photographed in color (or focus) until 2015.

In 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reached Pluto and was able to take the most accurate pictures of it to date, thanks to a camera known as "Ralph." While BioWare wasn't too far off in depicting Pluto as a reddish-brown planet, the textures aren't even close to the planet seen in the NASA photos (opens in new tab), which offer an even more detailed view. Check out the official NASA photo below. 

Pluto taken by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft

(Image credit: NASA)

Two months ago, a Reddit user hoped BioWare would update Pluto's texture in Legendary Edition, (opens in new tab) and we're happy to report that BioWare delivered. As you can see, Pluto's texture has been updated to look more like the picture above. There's clear craters on the upper right quadrant, and an expanse of flat land that cuts through the center. It looks a lot like the most recent picture of Pluto, which is a pretty cool detail BioWare included. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition boasts better graphics overall, and it's great to see the updated textures extend to gigantic pieces of rock floating in the vacuum of space. 

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