Mass Effect fan art: The best images we've seen

The following pieces have been posted with full, written permission from their creators. However, if an artwork that belongs to you has been included, and you would like take down or its information edited, please let us know.


Created by: Lennart Verhoeff (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect

Created by: Lei Ren (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect: Tali'Zorah

Created by: Sarrah Wilkinson (opens in new tab)


Created by: Fraser Graham (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect: Shepard's Quest

Created by: nimgrim (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect Shiala

Created by: FREEDUNHILL (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect 2 Subject Zero

Created by: Jessie AXL99 Lam (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect 3: My Shepard

Created by: Alan Morales (opens in new tab)

Mass Effect Oils Garrus

Created by: Sean Donaldson (opens in new tab)

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