Mass Effect dated for Jan 08?

Back in April we broke the news that that Microsoft wasn't expecting the Xbox 360 exclusive title Mass Effect to arrive until September. BioWare was quick to point out that a specific release date had never been announced, although it was widely expected the game would ship this summer.

Major UK retailer GAME now lists (opens in new tab) it (at time of writing anyway) for release in January 2008, almost crushing any ideas we had of getting our hands of the finished version any time soon.

We're hoping that this is a monumental mistake made by some work-inexperienced kid, but we'll be on the horn to Microsoft soon. Don't forget that Halo 3 is also being primed for September and no one wants to get in the way of that. Then you've got GTA IV in October...

There's a long FAQ feature on BioWare's website which mentions release dates.

Bob McCabe: We at BioWare do not know the exact date of release yet ... I prefer to be conservative in my guessing. If I were a fan, and not an employee of BioWare who gets to look at the schedule, I'd probably like the sound of March & April.

That was March and April this year. Shortly after we reported the game wouldn't be with us until September, the website was updated thus:

Chris Priestly: Once again, until you hear it from us NO DATE anyplace or any details are correct. Everything is estimates or guesses until WE know what it will be.

Please BioWare, say January 2008 isn't true.

Microsoft kindly added that it doesn't "comment on rumor and speculation" when contacted.

June 27, 2007