Mass Effect 3 toys come with slightly randomized multiplayer DLC

The line of dolls (sorry, “collectible action figurines”) EA and Bioware are readying for release alongside Mass Effect 3 will include codes to unlock bonus content for the multiplayer modes of the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Bioware says the content will come “slightly randomized during registration,” meaning you can all buy the same toys and still come out with different multiplayer perks.

Those perks, says Bioware, include “powerful new weapons and new characters,” as well as character-boosting items, weapons modifications and upgrades. That way if the same people keep using gear you can't even access to take you down come the game's March 6 release date, you'll know it's not just because they're better than you... it's because they're better, richer, luckier, and even like Mass Effect more than you do. But hey, we still think you're okay, really.

The toys are slated for release in "April/May 2012," and available for preorder from Bioware's webstore now.

Source: NeoGAF via Game Informer