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Mass Effect 3 planet scanning guide - war assets, artifacts, intel and credits

Sigrund's Cradle 

Skepsis: Javelin Missile Launchers war asset on Watson, 200 fuel

Decoris: 350 fuel, 10,000 credits on Laena

Hades Gamma

Antaeus: 10,000 credits on Trebin, 300 fuel

Plutus: Special Ops Team Zeta war asset on Nonuel

Cacus: 400 fuel, 10,000 credits on Chohe

Farinata: 200 fuel , Alliance Frigate Agincourt war asset on Juntuama

Dis: 10,000 credits on Klensal, 200 fuel

 The Strike Abyssal

Xe Cha: 10,000 credits on Zada ban, 150 fuel

Urla Rast: Prothean Obelisk on Talis Fia, 300 fuel

 Minos Wasteland

Fortis: 10,000 credits on Pietas, 200 fuel

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