Marvel's Spider-Man won't be on PS Plus after May

Marvel's Spider-Man
(Image credit: Sony)

Marvel's Spider-Man is departing the PS Plus catalog next month on May 15.

Earlier this week, Sony unveiled the PS Plus games line-up for April. While chock full of bangers like Doom Eternal, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and more, quietly slipped into the announcing blog post was the reveal that Marvel's Spider-Man would be leaving the subscription service for good, the following month on May 15.

Nothing good lasts forever. Marvel's Spider-Man becomes the first high-profile PlayStation exclusive to leave the PS Plus subscription service, and now means you'll have to shell out a one-time payment for Insomniac's original 2018 game if you want to get your hands on it.

This is a really good lesson not to get rid of physical games because they're available on a digital subscription service. Sony's PS Plus service and Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass regularly drop titles for a myriad of reasons the public aren't privy to, and now anyone who's traded in their physical copy of Marvel's Spider-Man because PS Plus offered it at the time is hard done by.

Marvel's Spider-Man isn't alone in departing PS Plus though. Arcade basketball sim NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 will also be leaving the subscription service on the same date, and it'll be joined in departing by Resident Evil, a truly iconic game and one of the founding cornerstones of modern survival horror games.

Even if Marvel's Spider-Man is leaving, we've still got Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to look forward to on the horizon, which is slated to launch in Fall 2023. Venom actor Tony Todd actually appeared to leak a release month earlier this year, stating that Spider-Man 2 would drop in September.

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