Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer picks up where the E3 reveal left off

A new Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer picks up right where we left the team, right in the middle of their most ill-advised heist yet.

The trailer begins where the E3 reveal left off, introducing Lady Hellbender as a potential buyer for the "rare monster" known as Groot. Don't worry if you're coming into this fresh, the team plans to steal him back later and keep Hellbender's cash (that's why it's a heist). The trailer consists entirely of a single cinematic scene, complete with a dialogue choice - and in the accompanying developer commentary, we learn the full game will have nearly six hours of cinematics like this one.

"We used performance capture as our main tool to bring those characters and story to life," cinematics and animation director Darryl Purdy explains. "Shooting a complex original story, with a large ensemble cast and close to six hours of interactive cinematics was no small feat. Most scenes have at least the five Guardians, and in many cases, other characters from the Marvel universe like in this scene with Lady Hellbender."

The player already chose whether to offer up Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender, and the choice in this scene hinges on whether Starlord will lean in to Hellbender's apparent interest in Drax the Destroyer or take the lead himself. We see the former option play out this time around, but it may be even funnier to watch the Queen of Seknarf Nine reject Starlord's claims of relevance even harder.

We'll find out when Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy hits PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S on October 26.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it may be what we wanted from Marvel's Avengers all along.

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