Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy devs chose the heroes because of a mutual "underdogs" feeling

Guardians of the Galaxy
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Eidos Montreal picked Guardians of the Galaxy to adapt into a video game because of an "underdog" mentality. 

Speaking on Insomniac CEO Ted Price's Game Maker's Notebook podcast (via MP1st), Eidos Montreal's Jean-François Dugas and Mary DeMarle discussed how the studio landed on adapting Marvel's ragtag crew into a video game. "I know [David Anfossi, head of studio] was pursuing that dream of working with a big partner like Marvel and everything, and eventually he approached us, and Mary, myself, and a few other people and said we have a chance to collaborate with Marvel," said Dugas.

The senior creative director went on to say that Anfossi asked himself and DeMarle what Marvel-owned property they'd like to develop, and they all landed on Guardians of the Galaxy. "We felt that Guardians of the Galaxy was a team of underdogs that was fitting our personality, fitting our studio in some ways," Dugas explained of the decision.

This is because, as Dugas explained, Eidos Montreal feel like a team of underdogs, just like the Guardians of the Galaxy. Dugas says the studio felt like it was constantly being written off, and people didn't expect them to make a good Deus Ex game, or a good Guardians of the Galaxy game. This all fed into an underdog mentality within the development team, and as such they selected Guardians of the Galaxy to adapt.

As it turned out, Eidos Montreal didn't just put out a good Deus Ex game, but a great Guardians of the Galaxy game. We awarded Eidos Montreal's latest effort four stars, writing in our full Guardians of the Galaxy review that the new game might even be better than the film adaptations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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