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Marvel's Black Widow title confirmed for February hiatus, but will return in March

Black Widow cover
(Image credit: Elena Casagrande/Jordie Bellaire (Marvel Comics))

Marvel Comics' Black Widow series has not been canceled, series writer Kelly Thompson has confirmed.

(Image credit: Adam Hughes (Marvel Comics))

Questions arose about the future of the Black Widow comic book series after it (and several other ongoing titles) were absent from Marvel Comics' February 2021 solicitations, with no explanation from Marvel or the creators at the time.
In anticipation of this week's Black Widow #4 however, Thompson has tweeted out positive news about the series.

"We have a skip month [in February]. So look for Black Widow #6 in March," Thompson tweeted.

The writer goes on to tweet that she's been guaranteed ten issues of Black WIdow, while "More will depend on whether we keep doing well!"

Presuming Black Widow resumes monthly shipping for March's #6, that would guarantee the series to last at least through July - which would cover their bases to coincide with the Black Widow movie release date as it stands now, May 7.

(Image credit: Adam Hughes (Marvel Comics))

"Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande come out swinging with an intriguing, atmospheric mystery that lays the foundation for what will hopefully be a unique ongoing series," reads Newsarama's Black WIdow #1 review by Oscar Maltby. "Every page of Kelly Thompson's script adds another piece to a central puzzle, offering up heaps of tiny little hooks to the big question mark that Black Widow #1 revolves around. It's a book that simmers throughout, moving at a steady pace as it slowly reveals its premise – evolving from a standard action spy tale into a mystery with tinges of romance."

Black Widow #5 goes on sale on January 27, with a collection of this arc scheduled for March 16

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